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Grace Reminders is about seeing the big and the little gifts in our everyday lives as the reminders of God’s grace that they are.


The cosmic wonder of purple, pink, orange, and red mingling in the sky just before the sun peaks through the trees behind our house. A grace reminder.


The smile of the expressive, morning-loving toddler who got me up in time to see that sunrise. A grace reminder.


Books, balls, and puzzle pieces littered across the living room floor. More reminders.


Baby Messes


Food to put on the table for dinner. Another grace.


My days are filled with graces seen and unseen. Grace reminders is my challenge to myself to become a person who pauses to see, name, celebrate, and share those reminders.




Does it matter? Does stopping to recognize graces really change us?


I believe yes—it can, it should, and it must.


It should provoke thanksgiving. Graces are undeserved blessings that we have anyway, all reasons for gratitude.


It should build trust. Few things encourage me to trust God more than remembering the ways He’s given grace in the last hour or day or month or year or five years.


And naming graces should expand our perspective. Pausing to acknowledge God’s gracious hand in our days imparts a long-view perspective to remember that the biggest trial today is a speck in the scope of eternity. But it’s also not too small to be beyond the reach and care of God.


Welcome to Grace Reminders


I plan to begin writing here to chronicle the reminders of grace in my life and hopefully encourage you to do the same. Because everything is filled with grace my topics will probably vary widely. But right now I think a lot about motherhood, homemaking, early education, and simple frugal living.


I’m writing here not because I have vast wisdom to share. I don’t. I write because doing so challenges me to reflect and record so I can remember. I’m confident that is good for me. And if it blesses others who read this, all the better!

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One thought on “Welcome to Grace Reminders

  • Heidi

    Thank you, beautiful daughter, for sharing your heart and pointing us to God’ s grace. Thank you for the sweet and gentle reminder to avail ourselves to His grace today.