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Lessons from My Little Kitchen

One photo of the kitchen on the real estate ad was enough to convince me I didn’t even want to look at the house we now own. It looked tiny, for one. And the rusty electric (I’ve always preferred gas) stove/oven combo looked smaller than the standard size. If that wasn’t enough the cabinets were small and […]

Six Ways to Teach Public Speaking Skills

As I shared last week, competitive speech and debate was one of the most formative activities of my high school and college years. I love helping young people learn to communicate with clarity, confidence, and grace. So I wanted to share some practical ideas for incorporating public speaking into your homeschool or classroom. (Note: This post […]

Eggless 30 Minute Dinner Rolls

Eggless 30 Minute Dinner Rolls

Who doesn’t love homemade dinner rolls served fresh out of the oven? Everyone in my house loves them, including the toddler! Plus they are a perfect side for so many of our family’s standard main dishes. But usually I’m not even thinking about dinner early enough in the afternoon to start traditional yeast rolls. (Note: This […]

Public Speaking: A Dangerous Skill Worth Teaching

  I have no explanation for why I wanted to compete in speech and debate. Most parents force their kids to participate; I asked my parents to let me. The stereotypical public speaker is charismatic and outgoing; I was quiet and reserved.   But I attended a summer camp as a 15-year-old and noticed that some […]

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An Imperfect Mosaic and a Memory Made

I was given a mosaic stepping stone craft kit years ago as a child and it went in my bedroom closet where it sat. And sat. And sat. I don’t remember who gave it to me (my sincere apologies if you read this and remember!). I do remember that we talked about making them many […]


Community, Learning, and Embracing the Ordinary

My alma mater held commencement this past weekend for the class of 2015, the freshmen during my senior year and the last class I knew at all as a student. Seeing graduation photos online had me reminiscing on those years, the three years since, and the ideas that have been most important in transitioning from college to “real […]

Welcome to Grace Reminders

  Grace Reminders is about seeing the big and the little gifts in our everyday lives as the reminders of God’s grace that they are.   The cosmic wonder of purple, pink, orange, and red mingling in the sky just before the sun peaks through the trees behind our house. A grace reminder.   The […]